If Someone You Know Murdered Someone You Love... would that turn you on?


Winner of BEST FILM and BEST DIRECTOR at the Seoul Shakespeare on Film Festival in South Korea. THE EMPIRE transports Shakespeare's 'Richard III' into a high rise penthouse and follows a manipulative woman, Anne (Lindsey Higgins), who is turned on by her friend Richard (Daniel Kennedy), who she believes murdered her billionaire mogul husband, Edward (Dean Dawson), over a business dispute. With Richard about to take over her dead husband’s company, and Anne left with nothing, she turns the tables of vulnerability when she coerces him into a sexual encounter aimed to leave him at her mercy.




Director: Raoul Dyssell

Producer: Allan Choi & Raoul Dyssell

Writer: Raoul Dyssell

DOP: Daniel Smukalla

Music: Samuel Akpovi

Editor: Raoul Dyssell

Visual Effects: Dan Adams