New Seoul campaign video drops the idols eating kimchi and ACTUALLY makes you want to go there.


IF SEOUL WERE A PERSON is the aptly titled name of this official Seoul promo video that was part of the 2016 I.Seoul.U campaign. Made by the same team that brought you #HappySeoul, Roll The Dice Pictures, a film production company based in Seoul that offers services in English and Korean, the video was praised by the Mayor of Seoul (Wonsoon Park) for "truly capturing the welcoming spirit of the city ". A series of interviews featuring a varying pool of Seoul expats from different walks of life is intercut with footage capturing the beauty of one of the world's greatest cities. 

Director: Raoul Dyssell

Producer: Allan Choi & Sua Kwak

Concept: Raoul Dyssell

DOP: Daniel Smukalla

2nd Camera: Michael Lindberg

Editor: Raoul Dyssell

Color: Hyuna Lee (Fireworks)