when life is unfair, failure is an option


Henry has hit rock bottom. He is a gifted yet undiscovered American musician who has immersed himself in South Korea's indie rock community. After an onstage brawl with a bandmate, he is ousted from the band that he created and fostered. Wallowing in self-pity, he loses all motivation to be a functional human being until a chance encounter with Lew, an eccentric and charismatic singer, reignites his creative energy. With mere weeks left before Lew leaves the country, Henry sets out to perform and record an album with her.

His dedication to this new project, however, puts a strain on his marriage. Ever the supportive wife, Taylee has been the sole provider in their relationship. Although she recognizes Henry's talent, she is a realist. The childish dreams of her grown-up husband is beginning to take a toll on her, especially when her aspiration to become a career poet is taking a backseat to the financial responsibilities she's had to undertake virtually alone.

Set against the backdrop of Seoul’s burgeoning multi-ethnic underground indie rock scene, Henry Demos casts actual musicians to capture the authentic struggles of artists trying to and success in the real world that stacks the odds against them.


Korean film production company
Korean film production company




Director: Raoul Dyssell

Music: Mark Lentz & Nice Legs

Producers: Allan Choi & Raoul Dyssell & Esther Jie

Writers: Raoul Dyssell & Allan Choi & Mark Lentz & Mary Hickman

DOP: Daniel Smukalla

Editor: Raoul Dyssell

Sound: Yeongmoon Kim & Seokdo Yoon

Color: Hyuna Lee

Visual Effects: Oro Padron


Filmmaker depicts lives of expat artists.