Roll The Dice Pictures is a bilingual (English and Korean speaking) film and video production service company based in Seoul, South Korea. It was founded in 2014 by Raoul Dyssell (CEO) and Joonha Jeong (CFO). Formally teacher and student, in their first class together at an English language institute, Dyssell invited Jeong to the premier screening of his first film, Amiss, a feature he had self-funded and completed on weekends and weeknights over the preceding two years. 

While by no means perfect, the film impressed Jeong and reignited his old passion for filmmaking. A few weeks later Dyssell and Jeong launched Roll the Dice Pictures, and the real struggle began. Being the first English speaking film production company in Korea was a risk that proved to be an arduous struggle to get work and recognition at the beginning, but a risk that in the end was worth taking. 

At the end of 2014 and in cooperation with the Seoul government, Roll the Dice Pictures (RTD) released #HappySeoul, a not-for-profit music video tribute to the Pharrell Williams 24-Hours-of-Happy internet trend. The video featured thousands of citizens and expats, young and old, who all came out to sing and dance to the catchy tune. They were filmed in the streets of Seoul. It amassed a whopping two-hundred-thousand views and RTD was all over the press

But even while the company made strides in the areas of commercial, corporate and music video filmmaking, RTD never lost sight of its original goal: making movies. After one of their scripts made noise in Hollywood by taking second place at the prestigious Slamdance Screenplay Competition at the WGA in Los Angeles, RTD received interest from the established studios in the Korean film industry and was joined by screenwriter Sua Kwak, who helped take the company’s objectives forward by co-writing Korean-based stories that married the genres and aesthetics of Western and Korean cinema. 

RTD is now in the development of its own feature films.



Production services in Seoul, Korea.

Raoul Dyssell
CEO, Co-founder

Video production services in Seoul, Korea.

Joonha Jeong
CFO, Co-founder


Sua Kwak
Producer & Writer